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Having a website shouldn't be so hard. AthleticOffice provides a simple way to manage an impressive team website without all the hassle and clutter. Your fans deserves better. You deserve better.

Starting or managing a website shouldn't be such a hassle. You're too busy trying to win games to become a web developer. Well, we have good news… AthleticOffice now provides a simple, yet powerful, cost-effective solution to help you promote your team and connect with your fans.

After researching many team websites, we found that they were ineffective and lacked substance. They're clunky, filled with annoying graphics and provide very little content or information.  Sure, they're cool to look at for a few minutes but that's not the point of a website. The idea is to get as many visitors to your site as possible and then keep them coming back, which is hard to do when there is no reason to come back. In order to achieve this, the focus must be on CONTENT. Plain and Simple.

Your team is a brand and we want to help you market your brand successfully

So what did we do different? For starters, we stripped down the design and focused on the more important aspects of the website. What we ended up with was a clean, lightweight look and feel which focuses on simple navigation and the consumption of content (meaning news articles, blogs, video and image galleries). Next, we attacked the problem of people using multiple devices. Mobile phone and tablet usage are becoming more and more popular, causing problems for many website owners. Instead of having a different website for desktop, tablets and phones, we provide a responsive design that works on all devices without any extra code or work; it simply adjusts to the screen size of the user. Lastly, we made the platform easy to use. We believe one of the biggest reasons sites aren't frequently updated is because they're just too difficult to manage. By building the platform geared towards simplicity, we provide a way for almost anyone to run a website with very little knowledge or experience.

However, don't mistake our simple approach as a lack of tools and features. We still provide all the things you need; we just made them easier, better looking, and removed all the clutter. A few of the features include:


  Drag and Drop editing

  Version History

  File Storage


  Customizable Themes

  Powerful API

  Online Store


  News and Announcements

  Multiple Calendars

  Player Rosters

  Staff Bio's


Your team is a brand and we want to help you market your brand successfully. Our powerful platform is used by college and high school programs all over the country. Check out our new client, Blankenship Football, or browse a demo to see it in action.

Contact AthleticOffice today to see what we can do for you.


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