Case Study: Effects of the #SocialHub


Our 1 month review has impressive results

Last month, we launched our first site ( integrated with our #SocialHub application. We were curious to see if the social media hub has been as effective as we had hoped, so we recently did a 1 month review of our work on the Indiana site and the results so far have been impressive. In just a short amount time, the social hub has already helped contribute to significant growth in all IU social media accounts. The most impressive is Twitter, with almost 2,000 total new followers across all accounts.

The website analytics have been equally impressive. Currently, the site has a bounce rate of only 15%; which means 85% of site visitors stay and navigate through content. This percentage is much better than the average for most websites, which is around 40%-60%. People are also looking at an average of over 8 pages per visit, showing that content truly is king.

Our findings reinforce our belief that rich content mixed with social media is extremely powerful and is the key to successful team websites. Check out the stats below for a more detailed look at the effect of the Social Hub:


1,945 total new followers

In just 1 month, the website's Social Hub has already shown its effectiveness by helping generate nearly 2,000 new followers across all of the program's Twitter accounts.

700 new followers on primary account

The primary football account (@HoosierFootball) has shown a dramatic increase in followers and interactions. This growth is beneficial because it allows the program to deliver its message to a larger fan base.

10% increase across all coach accounts

Staff Twitter accounts have seen a growth of over 1,050 total new followers since the launch of This greatly enhances the recruiting process by allowing the staff to reach more potential student-athletes.


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