AthleticOffice #SocialHub Helps Teams Connect with Fans, Community


Social media hubs and the future of team websites

One of our main goals when we started this company (originally "The Football Office") was to empower people. We set out to create more opportunities for coaches by providing a platform that would allow them to have more control over their future and career. Since that time, we have offered several different products and services but our ultimate goal is still the same: to empower people.

We recently put the social network on hold (which will be reopening in December) and started focusing on providing team websites. Just like when we started The Football Office, we saw a problem and wanted to fix it. We found that most schools that had a team website weren't happy with it because it was too hard to maintain. They had these websites just sitting there… outdated and serving no purpose. Some of them actually had companies charging them each time they wanted to update their own website. So we set out to provide an affordable option that would be simple enough that anyone, including the coaches, could manage by spending only a few minutes a day. It worked, but we recently decided to take it a step further.

"Integrating the social media hub, while maintaining some of the traditional aspects of a website, is the best of both worlds."

Our latest development for websites is what we call our "#SocialHub", an application that aggregates Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks into a central location where site visitors can interact with all the content. This essentially allows the coaches, players, and fans to provide the news and site content simply by tweeting and never having to even touch the website. Why wait for the local paper to report the news a day late (if they even do) when you can update the community NOW? People inside the program are the ones who know what's going on and now they have the power to tell the real story.

Integrating the social media hub, while maintaining some of the traditional aspects of a website, is the best of both worlds. We believe it is the future of dynamic, effective team websites. If not, it still accomplishes our goal… empowering people. And that's all that matters to us. For more information about the Social Hub and other products, please contact us.


To see an example of the #SocialHub in action, visit our website for Indiana Hoosiers Football.